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Bianchi Open Top OC Pouch Bianchi Open Top OC Pouch

Top quality trusted solution for carrying defensive sprays

  • Fits belts up to 2" and 2&1/2"
  • Open top for fast draw and easy access
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fits MK4 size sprays like the SABRE 120 Mag and the UDAP Mugger Fogger
  • Durable design will stand up to professional use
If you keep an MK4 size spray in your car, it's a good idea to keep a belt pouch for it in the glove compartment. In the event you need to leave your car, this is a convenient way to carry your defensive spray. A belt pouch is great to have in cold weather when gloved hands make it difficult to retrieve items from pockets. This open top pouch provides fast access to your pepper spray!

Our Price: $13.49
Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Machete with Sheath Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Machete with Sheath

A great value on a solid performing tool. This new machete design has been a best seller!

  • Wide, 12 inch, full tang 1055 high carbon blade
  • Over-molded nearly unbreakable polypropylene handle with guard
  • Zips through brush and saplings
  • Excellent for camp chores
  • Great size and utility for long treks
Leave one in your pack and one in your vehicle. Includes nylon belt sheath!

List Price: $35.99
Our Price: $26.99
Savings: $9.00
Cold Steel Bird and Game Cold Steel Bird and Game

This is a handy little knife. This knife is light weight (less than 1&1/2 ounces!) for unnoticeable all day carry.

  • 3&1/2 inch AUS 8A stainless steel blade
  • Light weight and compact
  • Finger loop full tang design
  • Black composite neck sheath with ball chain
Great choice for a light weight edc knife. Also makes a good back up hunting or fishing knife.

List Price: $35.99
Our Price: $26.99
Savings: $9.00
Cold Steel Survival Edge Cold Steel Survival Edge

This is the survival knife you fell in love with as a kid but made with Cold Steel quality and durability. Cold has found a way to make the survival knife tough and durable with a hollow handle for storage. The knife has a five inch long blade of 4116 stainless steel. Comes with black Secure-Ex sheath with ferrocerium fire rod and survival kit stored in hollow handle.
Kit contains-

  • Fishing kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Whistle
  • Brass wire
  • Compass
Hollow handle also will allow the knife to be lashed to a shaft to make a spear. A versatile and handy knife!

List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $29.99
Savings: $10.00
Next Torch International USB Charging Adapter Next Torch International USB Charging Adapter

International USB charging adapter allows charging of any device via USB anywhere in the world!

  • Contains internal intelligent chip to recognize fully charged battery
  • Four plug adapters for international travel
  • Automatically adjust to 220 Volt AC
  • Includes 12 Volt DC vehicle adapter
  • Made for international travel
  • Great for college students
  • Makes a great gift
Take your tablet, smart phone, or any other device anywhere in the world with this adapter!

List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $29.99
Savings: $10.00
Colombian Field Survival Tool Colombian Field Survival Tool

A Family Centered Prepping best selling multi-use tool!
Born from lessons learned in the Amazon jungle, this is a great tool with many uses. Tool head and handle are made from one continuous piece of steel, making this a very tough tool. Made from 1065 carbon steel with G-10 handle scales and bonus para cord wrap, this tool is solid and built to last. A great way to lighten your kit by using one tool for many tasks.

  • Sharpened edges
  • Saw teeth on one side
  • Dig like a shovel
  • Chop like a hatchet
  • Throw like a tomahawk
  • Saw through branches and tough roots
  • Clear brush
  • Chop wood
  • Great for constructing improvised field shelters
The tool head is flat, allowing for a stronger and more efficient chopping. This multi use tool can take the place of a shovel, hatchet, saw, and defensive weapon. Overall length is 17 inches. Includes black nylon belt sheath.

List Price: $54.95
Our Price: $35.99
Savings: $18.96
Cold Steel GI Tanto Cold Steel GI Tanto

Cold Steel shipped these knives to Family Centered Prepping by mistake. After extensive field testing, we really loved this knife and decided to offer them to our customers. A hard use field knife, this knife is a solid choice, built to last.

  • Tough 4mm thick 1055 carbon steel blade
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Solid one piece full tang construction
  • Integral guard
  • Nearly unbreakable handle scales
This is a solid and heavy knife that chops and cuts very well. If you like throwing knives, this big knife throws well and sinks deep into the target. Includes Secure-Ex sheath.

List Price: $47.99
Our Price: $36.99
Savings: $11.00
Cold Steel Drop Forged Hunter Cold Steel Drop Forged Hunter

Last one! Cold Steel has discontinued this version of the drop forged hunter. When it's gone, it's gone forever!
This is my personal work knife. If you see me at a show or expo, this is the knife that I wear on my belt. I use it extensively for chores like opening shipments for the shop, projects around the property, cutting cable, lawn and garden work, etc, and etc. This is a great utility knife capable of handling many tasks. Makes a great knife for bushcraft, work, field, chores, hobbies, defense, or edc.

  • Four inch 52100 high carbon steel blade
  • Nearly indestructible one piece construction
  • Excellent balance and feel in the hand
Includes quality leather sheath.

List Price: $136.99
Our Price: $99.99
Savings: $37.00
The MAX Multipurpose Tool The MAX Multipurpose Tool

The MAX by Forest Tool Co is now replacing all of the old pioneer tool kits on all of the U.S. Military's light and medium tactical vehicles. This versatile and rugged kit is seven tools in one containing an ax, shovel, pick, broad pick, mattock, hard rake, and hoe- all full sized tools in a portable package! Individually purchased, seven full sized American made tools of this quality could cost over $370!

The MAX is perfect for Bug Out Vehicles, INCH kits, RV's, Campers, and Off-Road Vehicles. The MAX is well suited to small garages or small spaces where seven full sized tools would be too much.

  • 100% sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Precision engineered from the toughest materials
  • Compact, portable, and easy to store
  • Seven full size tools only 12.5 lbs
  • Current choice of the U.S. Military
If you have been searching for the highest quality, most durable, functional, and best tool for your family's outdoor sports and emergency preparedness needs the MAX is it!
Use the MAX to
  • Clear brush or fallen trees
  • Dig out stuck vehicles
  • Make a firebreak
  • Dig a fire pit
  • Construct a field latrine
  • Break hard ground
  • Dig, hoe, and prep a garden plot
  • Process firewood
  • Clear and level a bivouac site
  • And many, many, more uses!
The MAX is the perfect addition to your family's emergency preparedness supplies!
Additional color options may be available in limited quantities upon request. Contact Family Centered Prepping for availability.

Our Price: $249.99